An Introduction

Welcome to Symposia and Much More, the newest addition to eJewish Philanthropy’s Resource section.

Miriam-Webster defines Symposia as a collection of opinions on a subject and this is certainly one way we plan to use this area. We also hope it will serve as a special stand-alone, easy to locate, resource for a limited number of topics we will delve into with greater depth than on a blog post. We’re still adding some tech-finishing touches, but our first entries are up:

Jewish Philanthropy in Israel

a series of blog posts by Gidi Grinstein of the Reut Institute focusing on non-Israeli Jewish philanthropy in Israel.

Tomorrow’s Spaces

an introduction to the featured entrepreneurial social projects from the Facing Tomorrow Presidential Conference.

Also in the works and coming shortly,

Jewish Peoplehood: a continuing selection of essays complete with pragmatic suggestions for creating understanding and discussion.

And our most ambitious project to date, Cool People, Cool Stuff ™: a look from multiple continents at the new and innovative entrepreneurs, the endeavors they are creating and a reference library of the various organizations and foundations involved in Social Entrepreneurship Programs and New Leadership Development.

Cool People, Cool Stuff ™ is a registered trademark of eJewish Philanthropy.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and hope you find this section informative, interesting and useful.