An Idea Whose Time Has Come: 28 Days, 28 Ideas

by Jacob Berkman

It seems that the Jewish world at the moment is in the midst of something of a mass brainstorming session.

As the recession rains down upon us, many of us have taken to heart the notion that necessity breeds opportunity, and instead of running for cover, many have hunkered down and given serious thought to how we can rethink the way the Jewish community works.

It is a reason for optimism that despite some money woes, we all aren’t all ready to pack it in. But all this thinking presents a unique problem. While each of us in our own little corners of the Jewish world thinks about how the Jewish world could be a better place, we run the risk of recreating the silos that we spent the better part of the past decade trying to tear down.

With this, we give you 28 Days, 28 Ideas.

In February, six very different media outlets, with six different readerships, along with a major Jewish organization will partner to create a platform to share some of the best ideas that we have heard from our own segments of the Jewish world.

JTA & The Fundermentalist, the Forward and its Sisterhood Blog, eJewish Philanthropy, Jewcy, Jewschool, the Jewish Federations of North America and 31 Days, 31 Ideas, a project of Daniel Sieradski, will combine to publish one new idea per day from a total of 28 different Jewish thinkers from across the Jewish world.

Each of the partners in the collaboration have lined up entries for a specific day of the week, which they will present in abstract form on the 28 Days, 28 Ideas Website, and then in their entireties on their own Websites.

As a group, we will give you one idea a day for the 28 days of February.

The goal is to produce some great new ideas for helping out the Jews, and introducing each other to our respective readerships because something tells us that your average Jewish Federation follower might not be a regular Jewschool reader, and vice versa.

Our idea is to simply get ideas out there, give everyone something about which to think, and hope that perhaps someone will run with a few.

So check in everyday, and we promise to give you a little something to help you get through your February.