Acharai Fund 2015 Grant Process Is Now Open

The Acharai Fund is now accepting Letters of Inquiry for its 2015 Grants to organizations and programs in Israel. Grants will be awarded for programs:

  • Assisting Victims of Terror and War
  • Supporting Youth At Risk
  • Helping Individuals With Special Needs*
  • Supporting Immigration and Absorption for New Olim To Israel

* This grant category will be selected by the “next gen” members of the Acharai Fund.

The Letter of Inquiry (LOI), as well eligibility criteria and additional grant information, is available on the Acharai Fund website.

Letters of Inquiry are due by 5:00pm ET on March 9, 2015.

If you have any questions about the Acharai Fund’s grant areas or application process, please email:

About: The Acharai Fund inspires families to engage together in meaningful Jewish philanthropy. The Acharai Fund is a completely volunteer organization where families collectively identify, select and support programs affecting Jews in Israel. We are dedicated to teaching and modeling Jewish philanthropy to our children. Acharai’s goal is to provide its members with the opportunity to engage in philanthropy on a broader and deeper level than they could as individuals. Acharai Fund’s mission is to provide high-impact grants that reach under-served populations, raise the profile of deserving but lesser known organizations, and highlight unmet needs throughout Israel.