7 Mensch Lessons For The Boss

Life is full of lessons, or, as the late comic George Carlin said, “The trouble with experience is that you don’t get it until after you need it.”

Be that as it might, Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels and Bread and Circus, learned several lessons as a business man, and he shares them in his book “Business Mensch.” The lessons are applicable in the nonprofit sector as well as the for-profit world.

  • Have a little chutzpah. Every bold move require nerve and a dash of arrogance.
  • Discover yourself. Stop living by somebody else’s standards and discover your own unique gifts and passions.
  • Go forth. Don’t just sit there. Entrepreneurs thrive on constant motion.
  • It takes a shtetl. You might have an independent streak, but success requires knowing where and when to get advice, working with partners and relying on employees.
  • The power of a mensch. You don’t have to be cold-blooded and nasty to succeed. Being a great boss and treating customers and the community right pays off in the long run.
  • Come back stronger. Those who survive are those who learn from failures and disappointments.
  • Remember the Sabbath. Hard work is important, but it’s also vital to step away from the routine for a day off, sabbatical, vacation or half-hour power walk.

courtesy The NonProfit Times