59% of Israeli Mega-Rich Donate Zero, says new Government Report

Globes is reporting, “A 57-year-old male who lives in Tel Aviv and doesn’t give to charity is the most common profile of the 400 highest income people in Israel in 2014. According to the Chief Economist and State Revenues Department at the Ministry of Finance, only 8% of the 400 were women.

Of the 400, 165 donated an average of NIS 280,000 each. The remaining 235 donated nothing at all from their own pockets…

The generosity of the mega-rich is not much greater than that of the population at large. The proportion of contributors among the mega-rich is 41%, compared with just 1% in the general population, but the average amount donated by the mega-rich, at NIS 280,000 annually, is not much higher as a proportion of their incomes than that of the general population, for whom the average annual donation is NIS 3,300. Donors among the mega-rich donate 0.8% of their income, while for the total population the proportion is 0.5-0.8%.”