19,200 New Immigrants Arrive in Israel in 2013

According to data compiled by The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Israel Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, some 19,200 immigrants arrived in Israel in 2013, a modest increase from the 18,940 who arrived in 2012.

According to an analysis of the data, Israel experience programs for French Jewish youth and Aliyah encouragement efforts amongst the French Jewish community have borne fruit and brought about a dramatic 63% increase in immigration from France, with the arrival of 3,120 immigrants this year, compared to 1,916 in 2012.

Aliyah from Ethiopia was down 44% due to the conclusion of Operation Dove’s Wings, which brought the remainder of those who have been deemed eligible to immigrate to Israel and which saw the arrival of 1,360 immigrants this year, compared to 2,432 last year.

2013 saw the arrival of some 3,000 immigrants from North America, compared to 3,389 in 2012 (an 11% decrease). Some 2,680 immigrants arrived from the United States in 2013, compared to 3,070 last year (a 13% decline). 321 immigrants made Aliyah from Canada, roughly the same as last year’s 319.