The week to come

logoFrom the outskirts of Moscow to the shoreline on Lake Kinneret and now the Grand Ole Opry; by the hundreds and then thousands. Another packed Fall on our global Jewish calendar.

Limmud (Russia) and Kol Dor have spectacularly concluded their events and the JAFI Board of Governors meeting even brought a bit of the unexpected. Come Motzei Shabbat, the largest annual worldwide gathering of Jewish leadership, the GA, previews in Music City, USA.

We inaugurate from Nashville and (Internet access willing) will bring you highlights of the day’s events along with links from many sessions. We plan to focus on the young Jewish leaders who will be attending but will also bring you nuts and bolts information you may find helpful.

As the GA program tells us, we “will harness the power of the collective to improve the Jewish world.”

So stay tuned; get your country groove on and check in regularly.