Your Very Own and Personalized Haggadah

Take a California artist and designer. Add the message of Passover, the traditional story of freedom. Stir in an ROI120 seed grant and a PresenTense fellowship experience. Connect and Incubate. The result:, an online workspace for Jews of all backgrounds to upload, exchange and personalize their own Passover Haggadot.; truly a global seder table.

Creator Eileen Levinson, in her own words:

“The Open-Source Haggadah is a website that allows users to share, personalize, and collectively publish Passover Haggadot. Users upload their pages into a searchable gallery. They may then print a Haggadah of exclusively their own uploads, or mix and match from pieces of anyone else’s contributions to create a Haggadah mash-up. The website will allow for Jews of all backgrounds to share their unique takes on the book, as well as provide a platform for Jews to create a Haggadah that is personal to their lives. As the website grows and becomes more varied, its contents will be an archive of Jewish traditions and help promote a more contemporary stance on Jewish texts.” – coming soon to your computer.