Your Constituents ARE on Facebook

twitter-facebook_iconYour competitors are on Facebook. And there’s a lot of marketing going on.

We know there is some dispute over whether or not Facebook is good for fundraising. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

But there’s no dispute over its popularity. In a recent NTEN survey, almost 1,000 nonprofit professionals answered questions about their organizations’ use of social media. And they said loud and clear that they’re using it.

Some highlights:

  • 86% have a presence on commercial social networks in general, and 74% are on Facebook.
  • 81% said their primary purpose for having a presence on these networks is marketing.
  • 81% allocate at least one-quarter of a full time employee to the networks.
  • The average Facebook community size is 1,369 (unless you leave in those big three organizations that skew the average to 5,391).
  • The average Twitter following is 291, LinkedIn community is 286, and YouTube is 268. Oh, and MySpace, which comes in at 1,905 members.

You can read more @ Nonprofits say YES to social media… and mostly to Facebook.