Younger Jews Have More Nuanced View of Israel than Older Population

from The Times of Israel:

Younger US Jews are more attached to Israel – but less enamored of its leaders

Non-Orthodox US Jews below the age of 35 are more attached to Israel than those aged 35-44, but are skeptical about Israeli policies concerning the Palestinians, according to a recent survey.

The survey shows a reversal of a previously deteriorating attachment to Israel among older age groups. Those aged 55-64 are more attached than those aged 45-54, who in turn are more attached than the 35-44 year age group. However, there is an upward swing among those below the age of 35 whose attachment is comparable to those in the 45-54 age group, a phenomenon the researchers call a “Birthright Bump.”

The survey, initiated by the Workmen’s Circle organization and published on Monday, excluded Orthodox and Jewish day school alumni in order to better represent those most likely to take part in a Birthright program, which brings Jews from North America on educational visits to Israel.