Young Israelis Moving to Sderot Will Live in Shipping Containers!

Ayalim village in Sderot built from shipping containers (illustration).
Ayalim village in Sderot built from shipping containers (illustration).

An Ayalim student village all built from shipping containers is under construction in Sderot.

The Sderot village, which will house over 300 students, is being built in an innovative method that will allow Ayalim to complete the village construction in a few months on a relatively low budget.

The students who will move to Sderot will give new hope to this beaten city by infusing young and vibrant energy.

Each student will volunteer 10 hours weekly with children, youth and seniors, which means that 3,000 hours a week will be given to the citizens of Sderot – just imagine 300 enthusiastic young Israelis going through the city for 10 hours every week and “renovating” whatever is needed – physically, socially and educationally.

Construction is already underway and the village will be ready for occupancy in October. It will house 340 residents, both undergraduate students and gap-year volunteers.