Work Above the Bull: A Bucket List for Success

succession planby Brenda Gevertz

Lately, the Jewish media has been filled with an active conversation on the state of Jewish community leadership, and for good reason. Debates aside, we need to understand what search committees are seeking in their ideal candidates and what long-term professionals rank as the most important attributes for their jobs. Where is there agreement and is there dissonance on these lists? Can we articulate what success is? Do we measure success by the ability to fundraise, engage lay leadership, inspire colleagues, adhere to Jewish values?

When we bemoan the retirement of talented leaders, what are we losing as they pass the baton of leadership? Can these attributes, skills and knowledge be taught? Are they best acquired through years of community leadership? Is the role of Jewish community leader so nuanced that we can only define success when we see it?

We want to hear what you consider success to be and what is required to be a Jewish community leader. Tweet your responses to @JCSA, post on Facebook or comment below. We promise to compile the list and share it in this space. Be part of the solution…