Women in Jewish Society

As we wrote about on Sunday, Jewish People Policy Planning Institute officials briefed Israel’s Cabinet on the JPPPI 2008 assessment. The entire report is now available, and their in-depth section on Women in Jewish Society is worth the read.

Here’s what JPPPI’s Board Chair, Ambassador Dennis Ross, has to say:

“It is the discussion of the evolving role of women in Jewish life and institutions in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Israel that may be the most interesting contribution of this year’s assessment. While progress is uneven in these different settings and has even triggered a backlash among some in the Orthodox community, women are playing an increasingly powerful role in transforming Jewish life. This trend will only become more significant in time and – as the Assessment points out – will have implications for education and the work force, especially among the Orthodox. But it will also have implications for the leadership of Jewish organizations that have been the preserve of men. With so much innovation and creativity in Jewish life being driven increasingly by women, this is certain to be a positive development.”

You can access the complete 2008 assessment here.