Who’s Blogging Today

With blogs becoming an increasingly popular way for Internet users to get information, it is interesting to see where this content is coming from and who’s writing it.

from Mashable:

Look Who’s Blogging [STATS]

Bloggers, on the whole, are young – but not too young, according to a report from research company Sysomos. That’s right, the voice of the Internet, for the most part, is aged 21-35.

This information isn’t particularly surprising, given the fact that people in this age bracket grew up during the blog boom – which started roughly seven years ago, according to Sysmos – but it does show an interesting striation in terms of where people are on the web.

The report culled more than 120 million blog posts for information. According to a rep, “The demographics – including age, gender, location – are based on self-disclosed information… ”

Using this method, the company deduced that 53.3% of the total blogging population is 21-35 years old. Bloggers aged 20 and under came in second, with 20.2%, followed by 36-50-year-olds (at 19.4%), and 51-year-olds and older (7.1%).