What Will You Do?

Get involved and make a difference: Jewish Social Action Month 2008

Whether you call it Tikkun Olam, social action, chesed – join thousands of Jewish organizations and individuals around the world from all backgrounds and affiliations for a month of unity through practicing social action. Volunteer with children, rally for Darfur, clean up a river, feed the homeless, raise money for Sderot, paint a mural – do whatever you feel passionate about:


This Cheshvan let’s make JSAM even more global and reach more people. All communities, organizations, and individuals – whether they work with the Jewish world or the general society – are invited to participate.

For more information: www.cheshvan.org or e-mail jsam@koldor.org

Jewish Social Action Month, Building Unity Through Social Action, is a global initiative to promote Tikkun Olam and Jewish Peoplehood and spearheaded by KolDor.