What Was Said at the Pradler Conference

Last Wednesday, The Pratt Foundation hosted a program for the graduates of their Pradler Program at the Jerusalem College of Technology (Machon Lev). According to Pradler director Nirit Roessler, this was a private meeting and to their knowledge no members of the press were in attendance. Yet, an article appeared the next day quoting UJC’s senior vice-president and Director-General here in Israel, Rebecca Caspi. The article, which was subsequently picked up by several websites (including this one) was based on information provided to the paper by the Jerusalem College of Technology – who has since apologized for the article appearing.

Some of the information was inaccurate, including even the conference name, and information was randomly reported. Rebecca Caspi’s quotes were taken out of context.

Caspi’s quote, “Even people who understand the importance of Israel and who have family here find it easy to forget Israel” had the rest of the sentence chopped off, “a situation which we must ensure does not continue.”

Significantly, the quote regarding a drop in campaign proceeds was erroneous – the discussion, and her remarks, centered on allocations.

It appears The Jerusalem Post should have done due diligence and corroborated the story with the Pradler Program or with the speaker.

about: The Pradler Program is a capacity building program for Israeli non-profit organizations to enhance their ability to secure financial resources and strengthen their sustainability.

Stephen G. Donshik, D.S.W. is a lecturer at Hebrew University’s International Leadership and Philanthropy Program and has a private consulting firm focused on strengthening non-profit organizations and their leadership for tomorrow. Stephen is a regular contributor to eJewish Philanthropy.