Welcome to The Times of Israel

eJewish Philanthropy is pleased to welcome The Times of Israel to the Israeli/Jewish media world. Based in Jerusalem, and publicly launched this morning, The Times is under the guidance of long-time journalist/editor David Horovitz, who posted this upon launch:

Fair-minded journalism, based in Israel, and read both here in Israel and among those who care for the Jewish nation around the world, has a vital, even noble role to play in enabling informed debate over the challenges and the choices that face the Jewish state. Informing that debate is one of the prime goals of The Times of Israel.

In support of this goal, our reporters, including many of the most respected names in the field, will be writing rich and enthralling original content…

Our Ops & Blogs section – our “marketplace of ideas” – is already attracting a colorful cast of writers on a remarkable range of themes – from flip to existential. Diversity is the key. Access to a diverse range of argument is critical to the understanding of Israel’s challenges and choices. And given our aim of fostering constructive debate, we will not host anonymous reader comments that can reduce discussion to toxic lows. We absolutely want our readers to debate the content on our site, but they – you – can post comments only via your Facebook identity, in your own name.

… We also want to better engage Jews the world over – those who feel a deep attachment to Israel, and those whose Jewish identity finds expression in other areas.

The combined effect of those aspects of our coverage is to emphasize the interconnectedness of the Jewish people worldwide, and give all of them, all of us, an Internet meeting place – a must-read, must-visit current affairs website for the Jewish people. The Times of Israel.

We encourage our readers to check out The Times of Israel and add to your daily reading list.