Using Online Video for Outreach

flip-ultra-pinkIf you want to invest time and resources into an online video, you need an outreach plan, according to Michael Hoffman, CEO of Chicago-based See3 Communications. There’s no point in putting effort into an online video channel if you aren’t strategic about your goals for the campaign.

Hoffman explained how to focus on outreach planning for your online video at NTEN’s 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference:

  • Research your audience. Decide what audience the video needs to speak to, whether it’s donors, activists, a certain community or the general public. A video’s theme and message will be different depending on whom you intend on reaching.
  • Define your message. Think about what language you need to use – will the video be informational or emotional, or try to do both? Craft what kind of message you will prepare for the media with releases. Make sure your call to action fits in with the message. For example, don’t make your message about blocking legislation and then ask for a $10 donation.
  • Prepare outreach. This outreach planning will not happen by magic or crossing your fingers. To make a strategic campaign, outline how much staff time should be dedicated and who is responsible for outreach. Develop creative material that will continue the brand message cohesively.

courtesy The NonProfit Times