URJ Announces Reorganization and Financial Relief for Member Congregations

At a special meeting of its Board of Trustees yesterday, the Union for Reform Judaism took the first step to reorganize itself by voting to accept a plan for reconfiguring the Union. In a move designed to provide immediate financial relief to all Union congregations, the Board also adopted a plan to help congregations financially.

As part of the proposed restructuring new roles will be created and approximately 60 current staff positions will be eliminated. Many of the eliminations are due to roles that no longer align with the new structure, while some are the result of budget cuts in response to these difficult economic times.

The Board also adopted a proposal to provide immediate and practical financial relief to its member congregations during these challenging economic times. The plan will reduce dues paid by congregations to the Union over a three year period – 5% in the current year, 20% for the next fiscal year and 10% for the year after.