Updated Resource Links

images-1Here are the most recent additions to our Resources section:

Fundraising Software provider: Sage Nonprofit Solutions

Recent Articles: A Five Step Program to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Web Pages

We focus too much on micro reporting on our websites, most of which is comprised of too much page level analysis. When you get to page analysis, you can easily get down and dirty and waste too much time.

The time is right to focus on metrics, Key Performance Indicators, and tips on how to measure the effectiveness of individual pages.

Free SEO Helper Tool for Non-Profits

So you want your non-profit website to do better in the search engines, so people can find you more easily  – but there’s no budget to hire an SEO consultant to make it happen? Not sure how to go about doing it yourself?  This may help.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Dollars in 2009

As our major gifts and corporate support could be in decline in 2009, what can we do to pump up our digital giving?

A Few Good Tools for Online Distributed Fundraising

Distributed fundraising isn’t a new thing. Many organizations have been engaging their supporters – like staff, volunteers, program participants, or current donors – to fundraise on their behalf for decades. Traditionally, this is done through walk-a-thons and similar events where individual supporters seek sponsors from their own networks of colleagues, friends, and family. In fact, distributed fundraising is often informally called “team” or “a-thon” fundraising.