Understanding the Value of Your Social Media Influencers

Understanding the Value of Your Social Media Influencers
How to Identify and Empower Those Who Can Engage an Entire Community

The question today is not whether you should use social media, but how you should use the information your constituents are sharing on social media to attract more people to your mission and make your fundraising campaigns more successful. The answer to the question lies in understanding your social media constituents and identifying which ones are the most well-connected, influential, and, in a word, social.

Social media data enrichment services analyze your database and assign social scores to your constituent, a number that represents their ability to interact with and influence others across their online networks. Based on their social score, individuals can be segmented into one of four categories, each of which plays a different role on social media networks, relevant to your organization’s success.

  • Key Influencers – These individuals have a powerful impact on not only the people they know but also social media members they don’t know. Their posts are widely read and shared by more people than posts generated by any other group.
  • Engagers – The individuals in this group have well-established social networks and are strong influencers of people they know personally.
  • Multichannel Consumers – This group enjoys keeping up with social media content and occasionally participates. They influence to some extent, but their sphere of influence is not a dominant part of their persona.
  • Standard Consumers – These social media users read and watch updates more than they
    create new content or make comments, and they are influenced by their more socially active friends and family.

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