UJC Raises $2.4 Billion in ’07

The North American Jewish federation system raised $2.4 billion last year.

The system now has more than $13 billion in endowment funds. Its umbrella organization, the United Jewish Communities, made the announcement today for the system of 155 Jewish federations and 400 non-federated Jewish communities.

The UJC also collected $90 million in 2007 through the Israel Emergency Campaign and raised an additional $52 million through various supplemental giving campaigns.

“When the day is done, we all care about the bottom line,” the UJC’s president and chief executive officer, Howard Rieger, said in a news release. “Well, the bottom line for UJC and the Jewish Federations of North America during 2007 is $2.4 billion. And in many respects, that is just the beginning of what we do.”