UJA Fed-NY Will Invest in New Tsfat Project

Tsfat, Israel – October 16, 2012 – UJA-Federation of New York will invest $250,000 to implement a pilot project which aims to transform the city of Tsfat into a thriving city and a national and international heritage site.

The new project, prepared by the Reut Institute, is based in part on the unique assets of the city of Tsfat, such as its storied heritage, the Old City, and its new medical school. It is aimed at creating social and economic development that will increase social cohesion, strengthen local civic leadership and enhance local community institutions. The project also aspires to encourage business and entrepreneurship throughout different sectors in the city.

A central part of the new project is its plan to build and renovate community centers around the city. The centers are to be constructed in all six districts of the city (three will be built, three will be renovated) and will feature activities in all areas of life for residents of all ages, including arts and crafts, sports, professional training, development, participation in municipal decision-making processes, etc. The centers will assist in the development of each community and will help empower local leaders to be active participants in the city’s democratic process. In addition, they will help accessibility of social services in the community, cooperate with youth programs, provide local vocational training for adults and serve as cultural centers. The building and renovation of the community centers is expected to begin in 2013.