U.K. Charity Commission Opens Inquiry Into 2 Jewish Charities

Two Jewish charities were named by the U.K.’s Charity Commission as subject to a “class inquiry” after they failed to file annual documents for two years or more:

The Society of Friends of Torah lists their address as 97 Stamford Hill in London and last filed for the year ending June 30, 2009. At the time they reported income in excess of £9.0 million in each of the previous two years. A Google search lists several other organizations at the same London address including Agudas Israel Community Services and Step by Step London. It is unknown what relationship, if any, exists among these organizations.

The Yad Vochessed Association – lists their address as 86 Darenth Road in London – last filed for the year ending September 30, 2007 and reported income for that year in excess of £3.4 million.

Both organizations have been issued formal legal direction ordering them to file. Non-compliance may be referred for criminal prosecution and the appointment of an interim manager by the Charity Commission.