Transparency is the New Black

by Katya Andresen

The funds of the first bailout package—your tax money – went where? To what end? How are you feeling about Bernie Madoff? How is your trust level in any financial institution?

How is the trust level in us?

As a “good organization” – aka nonprofit, you may think people trust you. Sadly, plenty of research has suggested otherwise, for a long time. People are skeptical about all organizations.

In this environment, everyone needs to go out of their way to be highly transparent and accountable. Show where the money goes, in all your outreach.

Our new president is posting a lot of what he’s doing online – he knows the national mood.

Transparency is the new black, nonprofit marketeers.

You can’t show enough of it.

Katya Andresen is VP Marketing at Network for Good and a regular blogger on non-profit marketing.