Top American Jewish Leaders Arrive in Israel

The 36th annual Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Leadership Mission opened in Jerusalem today with more than 100 leaders representing the 52 member organizations.

During a press conference, Chairman Alan Solow and CEO Malcolm Hoenlein spoke of the continuing strong relationship between Israel and the US administration as well as US Congress in many areas, noting the unanimous Senate support for sanctions against Iran, overwhelming strong rejection of the Goldstone Report, as well as the overwhelming support of Operation Cast Lead and the maintenance of Israel’s military qualitative edge. “The bonds between Israel and the US grow stronger as stakes are bigger than ever,” Solow and Hoenlein stated, “The polls show American support Israel in greater numbers despite a general trend toward isolationism.”

The Conference of Presidents’ heads stressed the importance of public diplomacy and hasbarah efforts, which require Israel and the Diaspora to work together: “We must form a common approach to overcome the attempts to bar Israeli and Jewish speakers and shout them down in campuses. Hasbarah must go on the offensive. While there have been dialogues during the year, the positives in US-Israel relations do not get media attention,” Solow and Hoenlein noted.

During the Mission, and in its meetings with Israel’s political, military and economic leaders, the delegation will envision the challenges facing Israel in 2030.