Tools of the Trade

Email Service Provider Comparison

Groundwire updated their report with information about the different broadcast email tools available to you, providing a baseline of information on email service providers they feel represent the “best of breed” for most nonprofit organizations from the very small to the very large.

Legal Risks in Social Media Use by Nonprofits

As the world has seen in the grassroots revolutions of 2011, online social media can be powerful tools for social change. Nonprofits large and small are increasingly taking advantage of such tools to advance their causes. But as with all new societal advances, social media also pose many risks if not used properly.

International Giving by Public Charities

This article is a guide for public charities that want to engage in activities outside the United States. It addresses the federal tax laws governing the use of funds by public charities as well as anti-terrorist financing laws. This article does not cover the additional restrictions placed on private foundations.

The Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook

From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, nonprofits are flocking to social media, but not everyone is prepared for the challenges and ramifications of what you post – or how to manage the process. Who is allowed to tweet? Who can comment on your posts? How do you respond if someone says something mean about your organization? How do you make use of what social media offers while protecting your nonprofit and your constituents?

Why All Nonprofits Should Periodically Assess Their Risk

Many for-profit companies consider a comprehensive risk assessment to be a critical part of their overall risk management process. Regrettably, some not-for-profit organizations do not take the time to perform a risk assessment for a variety of reasons: some do not understand or appreciate the benefits of such an exercise; some believe they adequately understand their risk profile; or some may feel they lack the resources to adequately perform the job.