The Week That Was: September 4-10

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A Mitzvah of Egalitarianism
by Shaul Kelner

Several years ago, a friend at a Jewish feminist organization asked if I would consider joining some of my male colleagues in making a pledge: to not participate on all-male panels and to make the inclusion of at least one woman a condition of my involvement. The idea was to enlist men as allies in the ongoing struggle for gender equity in Jewish communal life.

Fundraising Needs to Change
by Todd Cohen

The charitable marketplace is undergoing dramatic change, a transformation that demands nonprofits change the way they raise money.

Let the Courageous Conversation Continue
by Rabbi Aaron B. Bisno

… by now it ought be clear to anyone paying attention, that not a single one of our communal organizations can afford to put its proverbial head in the sand; and no Jewish leader worth his or her salt can deign to stand idly by. Hope is not a strategy.

How to Raise Children Jewishly While They are Away at College
by Rabbi Hershey Novack

American Jews are famous for the emphasis they place on academic success. Jewish professors populate America’s universities, just as Jewish doctors, lawyers, and politicians help fill the nation’s hospitals, law firms and Capitol. At the core of this success are generations of American Jewish parents who have encouraged their children to focus, work hard and succeed from kindergarten through college and graduate school.

A ‘One Size Fits All’ Model in a ‘Bespoke’ World*
by Cathrine Fischer Schwartz

There is a question nagging at the psyches of Federation Executives throughout the U.S. It’s on the agendas at conferences; it’s a hot topic when my colleagues get together; donors ask about it; staff members work on it; countless strategic plans attempt to solve it; and grassroots organizations have sprung up to address it. “How do we engage the next generation?” It’s a great question and, at the same time, it’s just one piece of a larger puzzle.

Prospects for Jewish Media*
by Bob Goldfarb

This month a Boston-based entrepreneur is launching a new “nonprofit news wire that will provide features, art, monthly special sections, and Israel coverage; assistance in advertising, sales, and circulation; and national advertising placements.”

*This week we bring you the six most popular posts as there was less than a 1% difference between the last two stories.

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