The Week That Was: August 14-20

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Former JDub Professional Addresses Real Issues in Closing
by Jaime Walman

As we struggle to define community in the 21st century, there is a real sense of loss amongst those for whom JDub was a significant piece of their Jewish connection.

The Jews We Leave Behind
by Leonard Saxe

In psychotherapy, the YAVIS client is “Young, Attractive, Verbal, Intelligent and Successful.” YAVIS clients have the best prognosis, yet remain the longest in treatment. Therapists like such highly motivated clients and eschew those who are less engaging. Likewise, in Jewish education, we focus our attention on those who are most highly motivated. Both resources and opportunities are directed to the children of the most highly engaged families, and we provide relatively few resources to those who need Jewish education the most.

Reinventing Jewish Education
by Dr. Jonathan Woocher

It’s time to reinvent Jewish education. That isn’t because Jewish education today is bad; it’s because it can be much, much better than it is. It’s a bit like Jewish education today is using a Walkman, while the world is listening to iPods. The music is playing, but it’s a lot more cumbersome and limited than it needs to be.

An Un-Orthodox Israeli Wedding

The circumstances that led the couple to this public wedding are far from being joyous – Inna and Pavel are among approximately 300,000 Israelis who are the recipients of the insulting nickname Psuley Hitun (forbidden to marry). They cannot marry religiously, or legally, in Israel even though they pay taxes and serve in the IDF.

Time for a New World Jewish Organization

by Yossi Beilin

No one would have established the Zionist Federation in 1951, and if Herzl had witnessed the establishment of the state, he would have ordered everyone to close it down. But he wasn’t present, and Israel’s leaders at the time decided not to confront the wheeler-dealers, leading to ongoing trouble between them.

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