The Week That Is

The global organized Jewish world has descended on Israel. Lay leaders, professionals, philanthropists and others, have come for a long list of academic conferences, board meetings, field trips, networking and more. Timed around this year’s UJC General Assembly (GA) and the conclusion of events honoring Israel’s 60th anniversary, thousands of guests are learning, schmoozing and just having fun as they fan out through-out the country.

We’re covering many of these events, focusing heavily on the ‘tachlis’ of the NowGeneration, communal innovation and professional development within the Jewish world. We’re hearing and learning a great deal we will share with you. But, from early last week we noticed a significant uptick in ‘out-of-office’ replies. So we decided to hold off on some of what we have to say until many return home.

In the meantime, we will be posting more general observations from the various events along with links to major features in the Israeli press. We hope you find our coverage interesting and useful.