The PresenTense Summer Fellowship, Take 4

For seventeen aspiring entrepreneurs, a new journey is about to begin. In just four short weeks, the 4th cohort of fellows in PresenTense’s flagship fellowship program will gather in Jerusalem to begin an intensive six-week boot-camp. Through hands-on sessions the participants will learn the practical skills of social start-up development – so necessary to launch their ventures into the world.

The selection process for this summer’s cohort was rigorous and the competition fierce; a testament to all PresenTense has accomplished in only a few short years.

Beginning with a magazine, and expanding to the Summer Fellowship program in 2007, PresenTense has just successfully completed their first Jerusalem Winter Fellowship. In Boston, the participants in that city’s Social Entrepreneur Fellowship – initiated earlier this year in partnership with CJP – are putting the finishing touches on their launch-night presentations.

Partnering with PresenTense are private philanthropists and several of the most innovative foundations, federations and communal organizations* in North America; all joining together with an understanding of the value proposition of investing in pioneers to develop the next big ideas.

Today, we introduce this summer’s Fellows and invite you to join with them in the continuing journey of innovation and creativity.

*Chair sponsors for the 2010 Summer Fellowship include: The Amitai Foundation, American Zionist Movement (AZM), The Gorlin Family Foundation, iCenter, Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jewish Funders Network, Jim Joseph Foundation and The Rosenbloom Philanthropic Fund.