The Limmud Top Ten

So what is it about Limmud that is attracting thousands of Jews from around the world to attend?


Why do we love Limmud?

10. Everyone’s a learner, and everyone’s a teacher.
9.   There is no pretentiousness – your name is your name and not preceded by your title.
8.   It’s cross/trans/post/multi denominational – after all who really cares about these labels?
7.   The good presentations, of which there are always many, don’t treat the audience if they’re stupid.
6.   As much learning takes place at meal times, in the hallways and in the bathrooms as it does in the sessions.
5.   It’s affordable – and when it’s not – there are always ways to volunteer to lessen the cost.
4.   It’s cross generational – in a respectful, equalizing type of way.
3.  People smile at you, welcome you, and are genuinely happy to see new faces and old faces alike.
2.  You can choose what you want to learn and who you want to learn with – and no one is judging you for the choices you make.
1.   It’s fun!