The Jewish Pulitzers for 2008

images2The Simon Rockower Awards for Excellence in Jewish Journalism, the most prestigious accolades in Jewish media, have been announced.

Known to some as the ‘Jewish Pulitzers,’ the awards were initiated in 1980 to promote quality Jewish journalism and are given out at the AJPA’s annual conference every June. And, keeping up with the times, the AJPA recognizes Outstanding Websites as one of the fifteen categories.

We salute the winners in the Web-only publications division:

First Place, Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts

AJPA comments: A fabulous resource site that answers the easy and tough questions surrounding an interfaith family life. The site is easy to use, accessibly written, and discrete when necessary. This site makes a valuable contribution to the Jewish community using technology.

Second Place

Oy! Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
[A Project of JUF News]

AJPA comments: You can’t force a community to use a site, but if you make a good one that speaks to the needs of the community, it will be used. That’s the case with oychicago, a well designed and well written website for the 20 and 30ish Jewish community living and working in Chicago.

Kol HaKavod to both organizations!