The IDF Hospital, Most Advanced in Haiti

Not only was the field hospital established by the IDF in Port-au-Prince up and running quickly, it is one of the most advanced of its kind operating anywhere in the world. The hospital facility includes surgical facilities, a medical lab, pharmacy and x-ray and imaging center. And a top-notch staff of medical professionals from both the IDF and other Israeli hospitals.

So far, 383 people have been treated in the hospital, among them dozens of children. 140 life saving operations were executed and seven babies were delivered. As of now, approximately 60 patients are being treated in different departments of the hospital.

Last night, two children who were trapped under the ruins of a building for seven days and then rescued by an American team were brought to the IDF hospital for treatment.

Approximately 43 rescue teams from around the world, comprised of 1800 rescue personnel and 160 dogs, are actively operating throughout Haiti.

As to other assistance the IDF is providing in the aftermath of the earthquake, The Jerusalem Post is reporting they are busy establishing communications networks:

“Wireless Internet, an Israeli phone line and unlimited satellite access are just some of the technological wonders that the IDF has succeeded in setting up in Haiti, where communication lines were destroyed in last week’s devastating earthquake.

… before the rescue teams were sent to Haiti, the IDF ensured that the delegation would have around-the-clock access to one of Israel’s Amos communications satellites.

The wireless Internet has attracted journalists from around the world who come to send their materials back to their editorial offices.”

For more on the IDF field hospital and other Israeli efforts in Haiti, check our post from Tuesday, Israeli Organizations at Forefront of Haiti Aid.

Also, this morning The Libi Fund, the fund for the strengthening of Israel’s defense, announced they have established three fundraising centers in Israel, France and the US, for the purchase of equipment for the IDF field hospital in Haiti.

An initial donation of $100,000 from the American Jewish Joint for Distribution Committee will be used for purchasing incubators, orthopedic aids for amputees and equipment for treating serious pelvic and limb injuries.