The Good People Fund announces nearly $1.9m in Israel and U.S. Grants

The Good People Fund (GPF) has announced nearly $1.9 million in grants to support social entrepreneurs in the United States and Israel who are designing, practicing and advancing unique approaches to challenging social and humanitarian needs.

From creating food justice and empowering youth, to resettling refugees and providing post-disaster rebuilding relief, the grants underscore GPF’s mission to recognize and enable visionaries, who through their grassroots organizations are committed to innovative and replicable ways to uplift individuals and communities.

“Each of our grantees represents how vision becomes impact, and how collective good motivated by the Jewish value of tikkun olam, repair of the world, can mean tremendous positive change,” said Naomi Eisenberger, GPF Co-Founder and Executive Director.

“Social and humanitarian social safety nets in the US and Israel are often non-existent. Organizations we are supporting and mentoring are finding innovative ways to ensure that the most vulnerable among us are never forgotten.”

Since its establishment in 2008, Millburn, NJ-based GPF has raised over $15 million and helped more than 195 non-profit organizations in Israel and the United States. In the fiscal year ending June 30, GPF raised over $2.1 million.

GPF targets change-making initiatives in nine crucial areas, including Human Needs, Poverty, Inclusion, Health and Well Being, Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment, Children and Youth Welfare, Elder Care, Hunger and Food Rescue, and Refugee Support.

A full list of grantees appears at