The G-d Project: We’re Coming To Your Town!

[This is the fifth in a nine-part series describing the projects of the 2011-2012 Jewish New Media Innovation Fund Award Recipients.]

Why is G-d such a difficult word for so many people? Why do we think that conversations about faith and life need to be left to Orthodox synagogues? At a time where people post their most private thoughts on Facebook and Twitter, where is spirituality in the conversation? It was these questions that drove Patrick Aleph and Michael Sabani to start The G-d Project.

The G-d Project is a social network dedicated to G-d and Judaism inspired by The Ted Talks and This American Life.

We’re going around the country interviewing Jewish folks young and old, of all colors, backgrounds, affiliations (or lack of affiliations), genders, sexual identities and more about G-d and Jewish spirituality. We’re asking the Big Questions like, “why are we here” and “what is the meaning of life?” Whether you’re an atheist in Oklahoma or a Hassidic rabbi in Crown Heights, your voice matters. All of these videos will be posted on The G-d Project multimedia platform, living forever as a free Jewish learning tool and outreach project.

The G-d Project is gearing up for a nationwide tour of such cities as Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Philadelphia and more! But don’t worry … if you live outside one of these cities, you may film and submit your own G-d Project video or be interviewed via Skype by co-producers Patrick Aleph and Michael Sabani. Just email patrick [at] punktorah dot org for more information.

The G-d Project is produced by PunkTorah, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to independent Jewish spirituality.

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