The Community Activists’ Cookbook

Have you ever been looking for an innovative program to engage young adults in your community, but didn’t know where to look? In a process steered by Ezra Shanken and Melissa Scholten, PresenTense is working on a Community Activists’ “Cookbook” – a guide featuring winning “recipes” for young adult community engagement. It is our hope that by getting out the recipes of programs that work, we can help communities around the country elevate their activism and engagement activities.

We all know that in order to have a successful potluck, you have to have a wide variety of dishes from many people. If you have an activity you have developed and would like to share so that others may learn from it, or a suggestion of an organization that might, we welcome all contributions to our community potluck!

You can find a sample “recipe” and more information as well as design your own recipe. We would love to be able to include you in this project – and you may contact us with any questions at