Summer Camp 2.0, Up and Running

Back in January we introduced you to eCamp Israel , the first international technology summer camp located here in Israel.  Designed to bring enterprising young people from around the world together for a unique interactive experience, the camp is based in the eVillage of Aloney Yitzhak, 28 miles from Tel Aviv.

Opening the gates to the #1 success story of Israel, Technology Innovation, eCamp Israel introduces campers to an enriching experience that touches their deepest emotions and spurs creative energies in their minds. They provide an original, creative and fascinating program, matching worldwide youth with Israeli peers in a unique way using the universal language of Technology.

“As one of the global centers of technological innovation, it is time Israel gives back some of our know-how and share it with children from around the world,” said Nir Kouris, co-CEO and an Israeli entrepreneur. “Our biggest wish is for campers to experience the magic of Israeli innovation first hand, hear from technologists how they persevered despite the odds, and be empowered to realize their own dreams in a virtual world.”

And now today, the American Jewish Committee announced it is sponsoring scholarships for 40 children from the embattled cities of Sderot, Ashkleon, and the surrounding area to attend eCamp this summer.

“We could not think of a more meaningful way to touch the lives of these children, especially with the trauma they’ve experienced from rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza. The anguished requests from these children, as well as their parents and teachers, were a chilling reminder of the plight of Israelis living on the front lines under constant threat of violence,” said AJC Executive Director David A. Harris.