Simon Greer to Head Nathan Cummings Foundation

The Nathan Cummings Foundation (NCF) announced today the selection of Simon Greer as its new President and CEO. Greer will succeed Lance Lindblom, who is retiring from NCF after more than a decade at the helm of the family foundation.

As leadership changes at some of America’s most prominent foundations, a generational shift is underway that includes innovative new executives who came of age during the modern technological revolution who continue to show respect and passion for the tradition of social justice.

Greer, 42, has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in the movement for social change. As the President and CEO of Jewish Funds for Justice (JFSJ), he has overseen its growth and emergence as a strong advocate for a fair, just, and compassionate America. Under his leadership, JFSJ has undergone growth including successful mergers with the Progressive Jewish Alliance, the Shefa Fund and Spark: The Partnership for Jewish Service.

He will replace Lance Lindblom who is retiring on December 31st after more than a decade at NCF. Mr. Lindblom’s retirement marks the end of a philanthropic career that has included senior leadership roles with the Ford Foundation, the Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute/Open Society Fund and the J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation.

Since its establishment, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, which has an endowment of more than $440 million, has supported cutting edge organizations and programs across the United States including the New Israel Fund, the Breakthrough Institute, the Ella Baker Center, Americans for Energy Leadership and the Clean Air Task Force.

The Foundation’s approach to grant making embodies some basic themes in all of its programs: concern for the poor, disadvantaged and underserved; respect for diversity; promotion of understanding across cultures; and empowerment of communities in need.