Sharing is the New Normal

from Harvard Business Review:

How Millennials’ Sharing Habits Can Benefit Organizations

The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently asked a large group of experts if they thought Millennials would grow out of their currently strong penchant for online sharing and self-revelation. A strong majority of this group – 67% – said that this would not be the case, and that Generation Y would keep sharing as it aged.

I agree, and my favorite explanation for why came from Matt Gallivan, a senior research analyst for NPR, who said “Sharing is not ‘the new black,’ it is the new normal. There are too many benefits to living with a certain degree of openness for Digital Natives to ‘grow out of it.’ Job opportunities, new personal connections, professional collaboration, learning from others’ experiences, etc., are all very powerful benefits to engaging openly with others online, and this is something that Gen Y understands intuitively.”