Seattle Study: 59% Gave Most or All of their Donations to non-Jewish Organizations

The Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies and the Steinhardt Social Research Institute have released the “2014 Greater Seattle Jewish Community Study,” the latest in a series of population studies that uses both meta-analysis data and new surveys to estimate the size and characteristics of the Jewish population. The resulting analysis found that Seattle Jewry has grown nearly 70% in the last 13 years, fueled both by highly educated newcomers arriving in Seattle and by the large proportion of intermarried families who identify Jewishly. The study also found that Seattle has a substantial proportion of individuals who identify as culturally Jewish or as secular Jews.

Key findings include:

  • Charitable donations are high, but donors are more likely to contribute to non-Jewish than Jewish organizations. 92% of respondents indicated that they made charitable donations.
  • 21% made most or all of their donations to Jewish organizations and 59% made most or all
    of their donations to non-Jewish organizations.

The compete study looks at Jewish life, Jewish education, young adults, seniors and more in the Seattle community. The study is available to download here.