Samuel Bronfman Foundation Announces Second Stage Fund Grant Recipients

In April, The Samuel Bronfman Foundation (SBF) invited post start-up organizations to apply to a new Second Stage Fund. This fund was created to provide general operating support to organizations at critical junctures in their growth trajectories as they move into their second stage of development.

In making the grantee announcement, the Foundation said: “Each of the grant recipients has galvanized its sector, as it addresses a unique need in the Jewish community and offers an alternative way for individuals to connect to their Jewish identity that feels meaningful, authentic and relevant. These organizations have a proven track record and have cultivated a diverse range of dedicated stakeholders including active participants, highly talented staff, strong professional leadership and a highly invested donor base.”

The Fund grantees are:

Mechon Hadar, an educational institution that seeks to empower a generation of Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing, egalitarian communities of Torah learning, prayer and service. Through its non-hierarchical leadership model of four co-directors, Hadar transcends the vision of one person, enabling it to thrive and achieve impact through collaborative strategic thinking.

Keshet, the leading organization in the U.S. working for LGBT inclusion in all facets of Jewish life. After merging with Jewish Mosaic: The National Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Keshet has developed into a national organization with local offices in Boston, Denver and San Francisco.

Hazon creates healthy and sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond. Hazon is playing a critical leadership role in field-building, working to consolidate likeminded organizations and harness the energy and resources of hundreds of alumni around the country to advance their shared mission.

For more on the thought process leading to the grantee choices, see Reflections on The Samuel Bronfman Foundation’s Second Stage Fund by SBF professionals Ariel Groveman Weiner and Miriam Levine.