Ruderman Family Foundation Launches Campaign to Unite Israel and US Jewry

The Ruderman Family Foundation has launched a campaign in Israel to strengthen the relationship between the two sides.

Targeted to Israelis, a video was released as part of the campaign in which children speak to the people of Israel, saying that “American Jews have always used their influence in order to support Israel,” and also added: “American Jews have donated hundreds of billions of dollars to Israel,” “American Jews fight for Israel against the BDS in schools and colleges” and “Thanks to American Jews, who lobbied and pushed Congress, Israel received its F-35 fighter Jets which will keep Israel’s Air Force safe.”

The children continue, “The most important thing we give you, are the thousands of American Jews who volunteer for the IDF.”

The video concludes with a strong message to both Israel and American Jewry: every relationship takes two sides. It’s time for both parties work together for a strong united Jewish future.

“This campaign is an example of what the American Jewish community’s discourse with Israel can look like: a conversation based on mutual respect and helping one another,” said Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation. “Unfortunately, much of the conversation is about what divides us – rather than our common heritage and aspirations. Supporting Israel financially, politically and diplomatically is one side of the relationship. For our future we need Israel to engage constructively with American Jewry.”