Robert Lappin on Madoff

Yesterday PBS, on their Religion and Ethics News Weekly, aired a program titled Jewish Reaction to the Madoff Scandal. One of those interviewed was Robert Lappin whose Foundation lost all their assets through investments with Madoff.

“These Jewish teachers are celebrating the festive holiday of Purim, which ironically is about Jewish survival. You would never guess from the spirit of the evening that the foundation sponsoring them has just lost practically all its money. The Lappin Foundation in Salem, Massachusetts, one of Madoff’s many victims, has been devoted to keeping Jewish heritage alive.

The foundation for years has sent Jewish teens to Israel, has trained and inspired teachers, and has educated children about all things Jewish. Robert Lappin started the foundation 16 years ago.”

Lappin had this to say on why he does what he does: “If our children don’t stay Jewish, then our Jewish future effectively disappears. I care very deeply about that because I feel that the Jewish people are a very unique and wonderful family.”

Here’s the complete broadcast.