Resources: The Most Recent Additions


We’ve recently added the following articles to our Resources section:

All You Need to Know to Twitter

Twittermania has only begun. Assuming you’ve got these basics down, there are many less obvious tips and tweaks to get more from tweeting. They all can be Googled, but the online version of this article has the links.

Is Blogging Right for Your Organization?

“Should we be twittering?” “Should we set up a facebook group?” “Should we be blogging?” And, the answer to all of these questions is that these are just relatively new tools available to us, and if used correctly, can become a valuable asset to your organization.

Online Video: Viral Isn’t Everything

…a video’s impact isn’t just measured in views. It’s more important to attract and convert interested prospects to expand your brand and drive sales [donations/membership/action]. To this end, a well thought-out plan for your online video campaign is critical.

Social Networks Are Red Hot, Web Sites Are Diddlysquat

Nonprofits have plenty of room for improvement to their Web sites while their presence on online social networks is growing and expect to continue, according to two surveys released during the Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Commercial social networks might be popular, especially Facebook, but “average community sizes remain small, and presence is relatively short.” More than 86 percent of respondents said they have a commercial social network while more than 30 percent said they have a house social network.

Where are the Problem Spots on Your Website’s Home Page?

Even the smallest of nonprofit groups can design effective and engaging Web sites. But many groups omit basic features that prevent them from making the most of their home pages.