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If you are not familiar with our Resource Library, have a look. We developed this section as a way to assist you in connecting with others, reaching a greater audience and keeping current on the newest tends. We also encourage you to check back often as new links are added on a regular basis. Some recent additions:

Building Your Social Media Fan Base

If you post a message on Twitter and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a noise? The fact is, there isn’t much reason to tweet if you don’t have an audience – a fundamental truth of all social media channels. As you think about ways to engage constituents and advance your nonprofit and its mission through Facebook, Twitter and blogs, you should also be thinking about how to promote each channel and build your audience.

How to Transform Staff Bios from Mundane to Magical in 6 Easy Steps

When it comes to building relationships and trust with prospective donors and volunteers, service users or program participants and other vital audiences, the smallest details can make a huge impact, especially when they’re about your organization’s people.

Key Takeaways from Planning and Executing a Virtual Convening

The following report explores some of the biggest takeaways and lessons learned from running a virtual summit from the perspective of the organizers. It is meant to be a resource and learning tool for those who may be interested in experimenting with new approaches to traditional conferences.

9 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users

When you’re developing your first mobile site, you may be at a loss. That’s understandable—a mobile website is an entirely different animal from a traditional website.

14 ways to improve your email open rate

While you’ve probably worked hard to build a subscriber list for your organization, getting those e-mail addresses is only half the battle. You may be sending out important messages, but your recipients may not be reading.