Putting Idealism into Practice, Israeli Style

“The involvement of business people is the Zionism of today.”

So says Kiryat Shemona Mayor Haim Barbivai as he speaks about the Israel Venture Network.

One of IVN’s core values is their belief in the untapped potential of the business community for improving the State of Israel in the 21st century. With a focus on three pillars, strengthening the education system in Israel, investing in social leadership and creating economic opportunities, IVN leverages their investments by partnering with leading non-profits and government agencies.

But who is IVN? According to Laura Goldman, writing today for Israel21C...

“They’re the movers and shakers behind Israel’s recent entrée into the international business arena – the innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives who have made their mark in fields as diverse as high tech, banking and finance.

Boasting membership from all corners of industry and innovation, the Israel Venture Network (IVN) is a group of entrepreneurs keen to see the nation’s economic triumphs trickle down to benefit all parts of society. Through a range of philanthropic initiatives, the organization aims to redress the disparities in education and employment which have emerged as shameful shadows of the nation’s new identity as an innovation powerhouse.”

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IVN, in partnership with the New Israel Fund and individual donors, also sponsors Social Entrepreneur Fellowships which enable entrepreneurs to dedicate two years to their projects, growing and expanding their initiatives and bringing them to sustainability.