Pay It Forward; Birthright Style

In an article in this morning’s Jerusalem Post, McGill professor Gil Troy, writes about the Birthright 2.0 challenge:

“The best way to say “thank you” for the Birthright gift is to “pay it forward,” giving something of yourself to other Jews. Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt started this visionary festival of philanthropy which the latest gifts continue. Each of us, whether connected to Birthright or not, should imitate these guerrilla philanthropists. Rather than waiting for permission from the Jewish establishment to lead, they pushed the Jewish establishment to follow.

They and their partners have invested their time, money, passion, and souls into this program. In the process, they not only transformed the Jewish world, but — added bonus — they made the world a better place by triggering a new generation’s idealism and altruism.”

Read the complete JPost article here.