Out of Chaos Arises, More Chaos?

That is one of the possibilities of any new development in human interaction, such as the constantly increasing use of the Internet.

In his book “Digital Giving“, Richard C. McPherson assures readers that online fundraising is not just a new way of pulling in money. It is creating its own world in previously unimagined ways.

Further, it has created three “whopping” trends:

  • The democratization of media. As increasing numbers of people get their news from online sources rather than print or even television. This means that people, and not editors, are deciding what constitutes news and thus are deciding what issues and organizations will receive attention.
  • The democratizing of philanthropy. Donors are taking over from fundraisers. People who contribute money expect a say in exactly how their money is used. At its best this democratization will be responsive, enjoy broad participation and be rooted in the best values of the community. At worst it will be chaotic, polarizing and subject to manipulation.
  • The relentless demand for convenience. For many people, giving money is not convenient. This concept is nothing new, but new technology is making donation more of a two-way interaction than ever. We live in a multitasking world; the tools must be easy to use.

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