ORT Receives $2m. Pesach Gift

from World ORT:

A $2 million Pesach Gift for Educational Excellence in Israel

World ORT has received a $2 million lead gift from Seymour Schulich, from Toronto, Canada, for the launch of the Schulich Canada Smart Classroom Initiative. This initiative will bring a new dimension to teaching, generating class interaction with educational software, websites and other resources. Images displayed on the classroom projector can be directed to students’ individual laptops, and students can carry out work on their own laptop throughout the lesson. These interactive whiteboards promote collaborative learning and interactivity which benefit teachers and thousands of students alike.

Mr. Shulich’s gift will be matched with an additional $9.75 million from World ORT, the Ministry of Negev and Galilee, the Ministry of Education, local authorities and ORT donors worldwide.

Mr. Schulich’s gift was partnered through UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.